Star Wars - Edge of the Empire



Star Wars
Escape From Mos Shuuta
Part 2

Pash – human smuggler
Lowhhrick – wookiee hired gun
Oskara – twi’lek bounty hunter
41-VEX – droid colonist
Koo Ki – freed Togruta slave girl

Pash, Oskara, Lowhhrick, 41-VEX and Koo Ki stand before Docking Bay Aurek. The burning twin suns of the desert planet of Tatooine still high in sky. Two security droids stand guard outside the docking bay as the heroes approach.
“We’ve come to repair the ship,” says Pash. [Deceit: Success]
“Roger, roger,” acknowledge the droids, “Master Trex is inside.”
The group enter the docking bay, 41-VEX approaches the computer console and tries to lock the blast door locking out the security droid [Computers: Failure with advantages]. The door doesn’t close but no one is suspicious… yet.
Trex walks down the ramp of the Krayt Fang, a battered old YT-1300 light freighter, flanked by two more Security Droids. Pash bluffs Trex that Vorn has sent him to fix the ship [Deceit vs Purple, Purple, Red: Success].

All but 41-Vex board the Krayt Fang and head for engineering. Oskara makes the repair roll but makes sure it won’t actually work yet, just in case Trex tries to take off. Meanwhile 41-Vex tries to remotely slice the Docking Control computer system to release the docking clamps [Difficult but he makes the roll].

Back aboard the Kryat Fang Trex is suspicious. Pash manages to bluff him a couple of times with Trex purposely trying to provoke Lowhhrick (Trandoshans being the mortal enemy of the Wookiees). Then Trex notices Kook Ki, the freed slave, and blasters are drawn.
The fight is quick and bloody. Lowhhrick is injured but Trex and both security droids are taken down. Not so much luck for 41-Vex who is disabled by the other security droids. Lowhhrick heads to the cockpit to ready the ship for take-off. Pash and Oskara rush to help 41-Vex. Oskara blasts the nearer droid, the other is still on the outside of the docking bay. Pash shoots [misses with 3 Advantages] misses the droid but his the door switch, the blast door slams shut.

The ship is released and 41-Vex dragged aboard and repaired.

The ship is working but will need to get clear of Tatooine before they can jump to Hyperspace. Unfortunately for the heroes Teemo the Hutt has powerful friends, namely Lt. Herkin of the Empire. Suddenly the Krayt Fang is rocked as it is hit by laser fire. Two Imperial TIE fighters scream past. Lowhhrick and Oskara man the guns as Pash starts taking evasive action.

The action would be very much similar to this;

The Krayt Fang is hit again but the TIEs are quickly dispatched only for a second wave to attack. Pash expertly evades the TIE fighters and Oskara and Lowhhrick are able to shoot them down just as the Krayt Fang is clear of the planet [lots of use of the DESTINY POINTS and the final TIE pilot roll Threats with Dispair on his final roll leaving him a sitting target as he lost control of his ship]

Pash hits the switch, the ship lurches and there is a blur of stars as the Krayt Fang enters hyperspace having Escaped from Mos Shuuta.

May the force be with you.



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