Star Wars - Edge of the Empire



Part 1

Pash – human smuggler
Lowhhrick – wookiee hired gun
Oskara – twi’lek bounty hunter
41-VEX – droid colonist

On the run from the crime lord Teemo the Hutt the heroes try to evade capture on the busy sun scorched streets of Mos Shuuta. Mos Shuuta is a small town built on a high plateau on the desert world of Tatooine. It is just past second noon, the twin suns high in the sky. Spotting a group of Gamorrean thugs, obviously working for Teemo the Hutt, the group dodge into the nearby cantina.

A collection of aliens are sat at scattered tables around the dimly lit drinking establishment. A Twi’lek dances on the stage at the far side of the cantina while music of the Model Nodes plays over old speakers.

The heroes have little time to hide. Oskara leaps the bar and hides in the cupboard, Pash casually sits on a bar stool, flips the barkeep some credits and starts chatting at the Nikto next to him. 41-Vex goes to the back of the cantina, stands next to the wall and pretends to be a vending machine (really!). Lowhhrick flounders about then just stands in the middle of the cantina when the four Gamorreans enter.

Three Gamorreans attack Lowhhrick while the fourth charges towards the droid. The cantina crowd dive for cover as Lowhhrick swings his axe and immediately cuts down the first Gamorrean. The thugs hit back hard with the one pounding 41-Vex against the wall. Pash, ignored by the thugs, manages to break away from his riveting conversation with the Nikto, who is apparently on holiday from Mos Eisly where he works for Jabba the Hutt, swivels around on his chair and blasts one of the Gamorreans. Oskara also joins the fight from behind the bar.
The fight doesn’t last long, and soon the Gamorrean thugs are unconscious. The Devronian barkeep is impressed. He gives the group some advice, GET OUT OF TOWN! He tells them about Trex’s ship, and also that it needs a Hyperdrive Ignition Switch. He then kicks the group from his cantina.

The heroes head across to the junk shop. Pash tries to bluff the owner Vorn that he’s collecting the part for Trex, but he is not believed. Fortunately Vorn isn’t offended by Pash’s bluff [failed roll but with Advantages]. Vorn says he doesn’t want to upset Trex. But when the group offer him more money Vorn’s greed soon gets the better of him and he sells them the part.

The group head back into the busy, and very hot, streets of Mos Shuuta. Not sure which docking bay Trex’s ship is in they head for Docking Control. Several times they spot some of Teemo the Hutt’s thugs but manage to evade them before reaching Docking Control. Pash and 41-Vex bluff their way in to Docking Control, but once inside Overseer Brynn is resolute and has them removed from the building. But this is not before they see an incoming Imperial Shuttle bound coming in for landing. Learning where that ship is landing they now know where Trex is and head off.

More of Teemo’s thugs are evaded meaning they have to take a winding route to the docking bay. Before getting to the bay they decide to check out the warehouses. 41-Vex is able to break into the warehouse and [due to many Advantages] doesn’t sound any alarms. The group have a look around the warehouse which has many crates all stacked up. Then they find a cage, inside which is a young Togruta girl, probably around 17 years old. She is thin and huddles in a corner. Pash gets her to speak. Her name in Koo Ki, and she explains that her parents starship was attacked by pirates and she was later sold to Trex as a slave. 41-Vex easily opens the cage, but this time [several Threats] sounds the alarm. Two Security Droids hover around the corner and open fire. The group dispatch the Security Droids quickly and decide to get to the docking bay quickly.

Unfortunately for the heroes Teemo the Hutt has made a deal with Imperial Lt. Herkin, who has sent two patrols of Stormtroopers after them!
A firefight breaks. Citizens of Mos Shuuta dive for cover, as does Koo Ki. The firefight goes well for the group and they manage to cut down both groups of Stormtroopers. Realising they really do need to leave now they turn towards the Docking bay where they are stopped by Trex’s Security Droids.

to be continued…

Thanks to Kevin Lambert for Opening Crawl.



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